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Tour 1 - Mangrove Tour

Tour 2 - Georgetown Walking Tour

This tour takes you to the villages of Cove and John and Victoria. Learn about mangrove conservation in Guyana while getting the history of the two villages. Victoria was the first village bought be freed African Slaves. With Guide, Drumming and Horsecart ride.
Length Of Tour: 3 Hours
Cost: USD $40.00 (Minimum Group Size: 5 / Maximum Group Size: 10)
Complimentary: One Bottle Of Water Per Person

This tour is run by enterprising young businesswomen of Provotique Walking Tours and gives a firsthand experience of the unique colonial architecture of Georgetown, and interesting sites including the Botanical Gardens.
Length Of Tour: Half Day
Cost: USD $30.00 Per Person (5% Discount For Groups Over 10 In Size / Minimum Group Size: 2)
Complimentary: One Bottle Of Water Per Person

Tour 3 - Kaieteur National Park Tour

Tour 4 - Surama Village / Iwokrama Canopy Walkway

Fly to Kaieteur National Park, created since 1929 as the first Protected Area in Guyana, where you take a short hike observing the beautiful plants, gorge and falls from differing angles.
Length Of Tour: Half Day
Cost: USD $170.00 (Minimum Group Size: 13)
Complimentary: One Bottle Of Water & Snack Per Person

Fly to Surama Village, North Rupununi. This community is renowned for their community tourism product. Drive to the Atta Lodge in the Iwokrama Forest and experience the 30 metre high bridges of the walkway strung between the trees. Enjoy lunch at the Atta lodge then drive back to Surama to join flight to Georgetown.
Length Of Tour: All Day
Cost: USD $250.00 (Minimum Group Size: 19)
Complimentary: One Bottle Of Water Per Person At The Canopy Walkway

Tour 5 - Pomeroon Tour

Tour 6 - Arrowpoint Resort

Leave Georgetown early morning for Parika and travel to Supernam then Charity. The feature resort is Adel’s just at the head of the Akawini Creek just off the Pomeroon River. Then the tour goes to beautiful Wakapao Village where you will observe two agro-enterprises. After this we return to Adel’s for lunch and relax. You also will have the opportunity to take an optional walk through the garden of the resort or you can enjoy lounging around the resort. Head back to Georgetown.
Length Of Tour: All Day
Cost: USD $115.00 (Group Size: 10)
Complimentary: Water On Arrival To Adel's & On Trip To Wakapao

This tour takes you down the Demerara and the Kamuni Creek. This trip offers the opportunity to visit the Arawak village of Santa Mission and buy some of the beautiful tibsiri craft. Travel further down the creek to the beautiful Arrowpoint Resort. This tour offer the opportunities for swimming, hiking, mountain biking and kayakaing. Lunch is provided at Arrowpoint.
Length Of Tour: All Day
Cost: USD $85.00 (Minimum Group Size: 20)

Tour 7 - Essequibo Get Away

Tour 8 - Linden / Pandama Winery Tour

This tour takes you from Georgetown to Parika where you will join the boat for a tour to Fort Island. The tour continues at Bartica for a short stop. Leave Bartica and stop off at the Baracara Falls just opposite the Aruwai resort. You will then have lunch at the Aruwai Resort and enjoy some swimming and leisure.
Length Of Tour: All Day
Cost: USD $68.00 (Minimum Group Size: 20)
Do Take: Repellant, Swimming Gear

This tour takes you to the town to the Baxuite town of Linden where you will visit the blue lakes, get a history of bauxite mining, visit the Water Wheel at Christenburg. You will enjoy lunch in Linden at the Watooka Club House that has a beautiful view of the Demerara River. On return you will stop at the Pandama Winery and Retreat where you will have an opportunity to sample local fruit wines and soak in the most heavenly black water creek.
Length Of Tour: All Day
Cost: USD $60.00 (Minimum Group Size: 12)
Do Take: Repellant, Swimming Gear

Tour 9 - Birding In The Botanical Gardens

Tour 10 - Mahaica River Tour

The Botanical Gardens which was established in 1878 offers bird lovers a unique opportunity for bird watching. It is rare to find a bird sanctuary in the centre of a city and this tour offers you the opportunity to view such birds as Blood-coloured Woodpecker, Snail Kite, Black-collard Hawk, Great Black-Hawk, Green-rumped Parrotlet, Yellow-chinned Spinetail, Orange-winged and, Yellow-crowned Amazons, Toco Toucan, White-throated Toucan, Black-crested Antshrike, Limpkin, Gray Kingbird, Boat-billed Flycatcher, American pygmy-kingfisher, Blue-and-yellow Macaws, Lineated Woodpecker, Crimson-crested Woodpecker.
Length Of Tour: 2.5 Hours
Cost: USD $45.00 (Minimum Group Size: 5)

The tour is best way to experience the national bird of Guyana, the Canje Pheasant. This tour leaves Georgetown and takes you up the Mahaica River. This pre-historic bird is found in abundance along these river systems along with many other species including the Blood-coloured Woodpecker. The rare and elusive Blood-coloured Woodpecker is a species most birdwatchers visiting Guyana wish to see. This woodpecker is restricted to the narrow coastal plains and is considered a Guianan Shield endemic species. You will also be able to see a number of shore birds including the Scarlet Ibis. There is a great chance to see the red howler monkey on this tour.
Length Of Tour: Half Day
Cost: USD $95.00 (Minimum Group Size: 5)


All tours we advise you to take along some repellant and wear sensible walking shoes. Some persons may also want to take along slippers for comfort after short hikes and walks. It is environmentally more sustainable to take along your own water bottle to refill on locations.

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